The Wicomico Environmental Trust and the City of Salisbury along with program partners Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, One Water Partnership and the Lower Shore Land Trust present Bundle Up and GET OUT!

A safe and fun activity for families and people of all ages to do outdoors during the winter of COVID.


Let’s get walking, moving, and exploring. Rain or shine, the event will happen. The worse the weather the better! We want to get kids outdoors to get fresh air and some exercise even when it is cold or wet out. The key is that no one is standing around; you are walking, moving, and exploring.


Starting January 23, 2021
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
4 weekends


The location is City Park, starting on the north side of the water just across the water from the zoo and Ben’s Red Swings, traveling north and west to the bridge, and coming back the south side to Picnic Island.


There are several opportunities for local artists to create art from natural materials and have it used in the project! You may submit your own art installation ideas or you can submit art along the way (small art pieces hidden along the path). In addition, you can volunteer to help construct art installations designed by local artists.

It should be assumed that this art will be lost or destroyed, but that’s part of the lesson: nature is in a constant state of creation and destruction, birth and death, growth and decomposition.

Art Installation Guidelines:

1. Any art created for the exhibition will not be returned, it most likely will be reabsorbed by nature.

2. All materials should be natural and non-toxic (no materials that harm the environment).

3. We will not be drilling or cutting into trees, so the art must be stand alone, tied or leaning on a tree.

4. All the art installations should avoid using words, since the words from the Hai-clues point towards the goals and we don’t want to confuse anyone.

5. Please keep all art family friendly.

6. All installations need to be approved by WET.

Please contact WET at to find out how to join this exciting outdoor event as an artist. Each art installation that is accepted will receive a $50 honorarium.


Come join the fun! Volunteers may sign up individually or with groups of friends or business associates. Bundle Up and Get Out! is also a wonderful place for your family, school, church, office, or civic organization to volunteer as a group.

Please contact WET at to find out how to join this exciting outdoor event as an artist.


Please contact Dan O’Hare at for details about how your company or organization can get involved in this family friendly event.

Sponsorship levels
Program Sponsor: $1,000
Artist sponsor: $500
Sponsor: $250