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Wicomico County′s Rural Character, Vibrant Towns, & Natural Landscapes

  • Rural character- seeing the night sky, working the land, knowing your neighbors, and valuing community
  • Vibrant Cities-places that are alive and active —to which people will naturally be drawn
  • Natural landscapes-Unspoiled physical features appreciated beauty, inspire exercise and commit to preservation

Attractive, Liveable, & Environmentally Friendly Communities

  • Attractive, pedestrian-oriented public realm
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Clean natural environment
  • Places that feel safe
  • Environments that nurture human community and interaction

Smart Growth Practices in Wicomico County

  • Mixed Land Uses
  • Taking Advantage of Compact Building Design
  • Range of Housing Opportunities and Choices
  • Walkable Neighborhoods
  • Fostering of Distinctive, Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place
  • Preservation of Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty and Critical Environmental Areas

Protection of Water Resources

  • Proper use and disposal of harmful materials
  • Organizing beach, stream or wetland cleanup
  • Public education regarding the dangers of water pollution and stormwater runoff

Preservation of Native Ecosystems and Wildlife

  • Planting local and native species that will provide food and shelter for wildlife

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Methods that have a positive impact on environment, society and animals
  • Farming methods reconnecting producers and consumers
  • Integrated system of plant and animal production practices

Our mission is to champion a healthy environment for all.

Our Goals

  • Community Engagement

    1. Strengthen relationships with business, government and nonprofits to further WET’s mission
    1. Expand program offerings to more diverse audiences in the county
  • Public Policy

    1. Increase WET’s presence at public policy meetings and hearings
    2. Strengthen formal communications with WET members and the community
    3. Promote environmental justice
    4. Plant more trees

WET by the Numbers

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